Shadow Kings

In Game Picture

Shadow Kings, the first game I worked on to start my career off, I worked on this project for around a year, when I joined the first thing I had to model was 3 levels to a guards tower which I do not have a render of yet. but over the year I learnt a lot about pipelines and working within a team, the tasks that were do were as followed:

  • Modelling
  • Shade tweaking
  • Rendering
  • Slicing
  • Overpainting
  • Animating
  • Posing characters


Here are some examples of the buildings/decorations I made for the game.

All the environment stuff were modeled by me and the character done by other people,

With the status I used the characters that were already modeled and rigged posed them, then I retopo’ed them and sculpted to make more stone like. Once modelling was done I rendered with v-ray and over painted in Photoshop, all the models were done with the same pre-made render scene.

The Pirate ship and treasure hole, both have animations done by me, the pirate ship rocked from side to side with a ground shadow, animated in Maya and then tweaked in Photoshop. The glow for the treasure hole was size changes and colour changes of the glow.



other things I worked on while in this team were, over paint the assassin characters, I did not do the modelling for these. I just did the effects and also the over paints to improve on the rendering.assassins

The 2 buildings below i just tweaked and overpainted. another artist did the models. the armourer on the right i tweaked some of the modelling and then overpainted everything. and on the right i just did the overpaint.


Here are some of the examples of the icons i worked on. The first one, the money was not used in the end they decided to go with drawn icons instead. and the second one which is all the icons for the shop was me and another artist and then I was told to bring them all to the same style afterwards. and the final one never made it to the game because it got cancelled were potions for a PVP building that you build with PVP coins.


Then last here are some studies that were done, from concepts that never made it to the game or ideas that didn’t work, like animals for the world map or outside your town, some were rendered with shaders as test but no overpaints were done.


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