Legends of Honor

The current project I am working on, it is a strategy browser and mobile game. since working on the project I’m part of the mobile and web team.

The mobile team consisted of 3, 3D artists but one of them being more a tech artist for the team setting up the shaders and placeholders for me and the other 3d artist to finalize and do properly.

The web team consisted of 5 3D artists, 1 character artist, 1 rigger/animator, 2 environment and then our 3D lead. I would join and take a task from web when mobile had less or no tasks to do.


During the project I have done:

Modelling, textured and rendered buildings for web

Modelling the meshes for projecting the buildings for mobile.

Effects for mobile, Weather,switch screens,

Animated scaffolding and birds for mobile.

Implementing 2d assets,creating prefabs, fixing technical issues and optimizing the mobile assets.



This is one of the first buildings I modelled when joining the project lvl 1 of the forge was already done so i just had to do lvls 2-5 which you see here. The second one is a more recent one from scratch called the preparation reduction building. this is the actual in game image that would be used for the game.


for mobile I got the chance to make the newest version of the world map castles. they had a design change so with a bit of kit bashing and re modelling this is the new version. as well as a Vip castle which is the last 2.


Web: I had the task to modelled all the world map castles, which are the current ones in the game with a new design, these are the ones I created with all the factions and also the new NPC castles which are black.


another task was animating the scaffolding for more player feedback, heres some examples as well as the one that was picked. ( the ones that are in game are the ones where it builds from right to left)


This is also a player feedback. where we added weather so that in the different kingdoms the player would see these effects randomly over time. the Last one is the switch screen I worked on where the tech artist sets up the main shader and then I created the png that controlled the burn over time, also a png for the gradient fire and a  gradient png for visibility.

Other things I worked on before the game was cancelled, were treasure chests on the world map, where I modeled, textured and animated. and also five outposts with another 3d artist/tech artist but I only have gifs of two of them.



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